Second Chance Checking Account Oregon

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Can anyone help me find a 2nd chance bank in Oregon?
asked Aug 18, 2013 in Personal Finance by Jay

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Point West Credit Union in Oregon has a second chance checking account for people that do not qualify for a standard checking because of bad credit and/or bad mark on their ChexSystems record. However if you have a ChexSystems record that shows you owing money, it must be paid prior to applying. 
There is a $10 monthly service fee for this type of account with them. They have two locations at 718 NE 12th Avenue Portland Oregon 97232 and 501 SE Hawthorne Blvd Portland, OR 97214 and you can call them at 503.546.5000 or toll free at 888.468.5826.
answered Aug 18, 2013 by Hillary M
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Consolidated Community Credit Union in Oregon offers a second chance checking account for people that have been turned down for accounts in the past and are trying to rebuild their credit. Ir offers direct deposit and costs you $10/month. 
They have the following branch locations:
2021 NE Sandy Blvd
Portland, OR
2055 NW Savier St
Portland, OR
100 SW Market St.
Ste. C1C
Portland, OR
Call 503.232.8070 or 800.444.8115 to learn more or email them at
answered Aug 21, 2013 by Kelsy
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answered Aug 19, 2014 by tomvargo706 (5,290 points)

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