West Virginia Real List Of Second Chance Checking Accounts

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For those people seeking a West Virginia real list of second chance checking accounts because you were unable to open a a checking account at another bank because they performed a Chexsystems check and they found notations of previous banking errors such as a closed account due to negative funds -- then you came to the right place!

Below you will find a list of Fresh Start and Second Chance checking accounts in the state of West Virginia that believe you deserve another shot at a bank account.

Consumers can also view our verified list of major banks across the nation that offer 2nd chance accounts with checkwriting privileges -- See http://infoaviator.org/finance/checking-accounts/2014/05/28/how-to-open-a-second-chance-checking/ to find more banks that were verified by our InfoAviator Publishing Team.
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Need a checking account but everyone turns you down? Have you been denied a checking due to bad credit or past banking problems?
West Virginia Federal Credit Union designed a checking account for people that are faced with banking challenges and want to improve their banking problems from the past. 
They now offer these consumers the opportunity to change their financial future with a Fresh Start Checking.
Applicant will need to have a $50 minimum initial deposit to open a account and have to pay a monthly maintenance fee.
In return they will be entitled to unlimited check writing with no minimum balance requirements and a free debit VisaCard.
People that maintain their Fresh Start Checking in good standing for one year can request a Regular Checking package. 
Branch Locations:
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City National Bank in West Virgina offers Bounce Back Checking program, for people that have been denied the opportunity to open a checking account and are looking for a second chance.

See https://www.bankatcity.com/About_Us for more information and branch locations.

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