Get Approved For A Second Chance Unsecured Personal Loan In Maryland

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Here at InfoAviator, we know how hard it is for people with bad credit to obtain a unsecured personal loan. This is why our staff and our viewers are working on a list of banks and credit unions in the state of Maryland offering "Fresh Start" and "Second Chance" unsecured personal loans to those with past credit problems.

Additionally, consumers can also view our reviewed list of major financial institutions located across the country offering bad credit unsecured personal loans--See
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Money One Federal Credit Union with locations at 6107 Greenbelt Road in College Park, MD  20740 and at 9800 Technology Way in Largo, MD  20774.
Up until now, predatory payday lenders were the only option for Maryland residents with bad credit. Money One Federal Credit Union is helping people skip the enormous fees of payday loan sharks by offering a Fresh Start Loan.
This program by Money One Federal Credit Union provides consumers with a much more affordable rate than payday lenders, while reporting your on-time payments to the major credit agencies to help repair your poor credit. 
Your credit history will not affect decision-making when approving your loan and your credit report will not be pulled.
There is a $35 application fee and members can only take out one $500 loan per 12-month period with a lifetime of a maximum of three Fresh Start Loans.
Contact Them By Phone For More Information:
Main Branch - 301-925-4600
College Park Branch - 301-925-4600
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Market USA Federal Credit Union in the state of Maryland has a Fresh Start Loan program that was specifically designed to help people with bad credit develop a good track record of credit worthiness.

Along with getting in a habit of putting some money aside  for savings. with each payment that a consumer makes to their loan, Market USA Federal Credit Union will put an equal portion of that payment in a savings account. With every payment made to your unsecured loan, your savings will increase as the balance of your loan decreases. However, this saavings account will be pledged as collateral for your Fresh Start Loan until it is paid in full.
No Credit Check is required to get approved, however, a applicant must have at least six months of verified employment, $30.00 non-refundable fee, direct deposit to a Market USA FCU account of net pay with a minimum of $500/month is required.
A person with bad credit can borrow up to $500 with terms up to 10 months with a APR of 18%. A minimum payment of $50 is required every month.
To apply for this loan or for further information, visit or call one of the Market USA branches listed below:
8200 Professional Place, Suite 105
Landover, Maryland 20785
Phone: 301-276-8001
8871 Gorman Road, Suite 100
Laurel, Maryland 20723
Phone: 301-586-3400
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