Second Chance Unsecured Credit Card In Maryland

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Maryland residents with bad credit should know that they don't have to go through life using prepaid cards instead of their very own unsecured credit card. Believe it or not, there are banks and credit unions out there that are willing to give poor credit consumers a second chance or fresh start.

Our staff at Infoaviator and our viewers will help out where we can by establishing a list below of these banks and credit unions willing to give a person, with a not so good credit history, a second chance at a credit card.

Also, consumers can view our list of major nationwide banks offering credit cards to those with bad credit at
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Destinations Credit Union located at 8767 Satyr Hill Rd in Parkville, MD 21234 and at 5401 Old Court Rd in Randallstown, MD 21133 understands that the unfortunate thing about credit is that it takes hard work and time to build, but can be easy and quick to destroy. If you have fallen to poor credit, there is no need to despair! 
Destinations Credit Union is offering a Second Chance MasterCard® Credit Card to those with bad credit to help them get back on track.
They offer a $200 unsecured credit limit to start, with increasing limits as the consumers credit score builds back up with on-time monthly payments.
Competitively low rates come with this program and there is no annual fee.
There is a 25-day grace period on purchases, it's free to track transactions online via online banking, and there are 
no balance transfer fees so you can consolidate higher-rate credit card balances.
People interested can visit one of their brances above or call them at 410-663-2500.
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