Second Chance Unsecured Personal Loan In Iowa

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If you live in the state of Iowa and have ever applied for a unsecured personal loan but have been turned down by the bank because of a bad credit rating, then we may have some information that may brighten your day.

Our staff at "InfoAviator Publishing" along with our regular contributers have found that their are credit unions in Iowa that offer "Fresh Start", "Credit Builder" and "Second Chance" signature loans that were created to help people with bad credit improve their credit rating. We have taken the time to locate them and list them below for the subprime borrower to review.

We are also asking any viewers to add any banks and credit unions in Iowa  to the list below (that is not yet listed) that offer these types of loans.

Consumers can also view our list of nationwide banks and financial institutions at that are willing to give out high risk unsecured signature loans to subprime borrowers residing in Iowa.
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Greater Iowa Credit Union offers a credit builder loan to applicants seeking to establish a credit history.  For a individual with bad credit to qualify for this loan, they will need to have a Individual Taxpayer ID (ITIN) or valid social security number, proof of stated income, capacity to repay the loan, six month employment at the same employer OR six months residency at the same place.
To learn more about this credit builder loan offered by Greater Iowa Credit Union, please call one of their loan officers at 1.800.296.9064 or visit one of their banking branches below:
301 East Scenic Valley Avenue
Indianola, IA 50125
230 North Seventh St.
Denison, IA 51442
600 East 30th St.
Des Moines, IA 50317
110 Airport Road
Ames, IA 50010
2623 Northridge Parkway
Ames, IA 50010
801 Lincoln Way
Ames, IA 50010
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Premier Credit Union offers Share Secured Loans that allows a individual to borrow against their investment and savings account.  This can be a wonderful way for young borrowers to build credit or for people that want to rebuild their credit history.
For more information on this loan offered by Premier Credit Union, please contact one of their banking branches below:
1301 Grand Avenue
West Des Moines, IA 50265
Phone: 515-282-1611
520 Grand Avenue
Ames, IA 50010
Phone: 515-232-2329
Greater Des Moines Partnership Building
700 Locust - Skywalk Level
Phone: 515-282-1611
800 9th Street
Des Moines, IA 50309
Phone: 515-282-1611
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